ORC Fall 2018 Recap: Wallpaper + Love

Spreading a little Wallpaper + Love

Happy Holidays all! Can I officially say that now? There’s all those turkey loving Christmas haters out there that get mad when Christmas décor goes up after Halloween and Thanksgiving gets skipped right over.  I know, I know, it’s not the “reason for the season,” but I don’t care for Thanksgiving food much, call me crazy, and I just love winter vibes.  Plus, it’s my birthday season!  Can you blame a girl for loving a certain time of year?!  I mean, when else can you shop with Starbucks in hand at 1:00am and it is perfectly acceptable?  Sounds like heaven to me!

So, while you waiting in the freezing cold to get inside for the hottest deal (who am I kidding, you had Thanksgiving breakfast to get that deal and you’ve already been shopping for at least 5 hours) or guzzling coffee to stay awake while you are holding that place in line until it’s your turn to shop (yeah, I know all those tricks too), check out these oh so special One Room Challenge spaces.  Inspired by the wallpaper I used in my ORC Beachy + Boho room, I decided to check out what others have done in their spaces and share the love here.  Enjoy!

Could it get any sweeter?!  This vintage vibe with storybook memories of Peter Rabbit by Jude over at That Homebird Life has me all dreamy.  (And would you believe those are Ikea beds?!  C’mon Ikea, you just keep bringing’ it!)
Black and white doesn’t have to be stark or minimalist.  This bold pattern brings a subtle wow to this space without overshadowing the rest of the details and natural elements in the room.  Not only did Liv create a beautiful office space, but check out all of the other amazing wallpaper at Livette’s Wallpaper!


Maeflower Memo
Using wallpaper in unexpected ways is always a good idea. Can’t decide which wall to highlight or if every wall is too much?  Put it on the ceiling!  Instead of looking at a spattering of glow in the dark stars, wake up to a pattern of wonder. 
Room design by:  Maeflower Memo
Talk about bringing nature in!  This amazing wallpaper by Anewall is a fresh take on the iconic  Japanese woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai.  The sunshine yellow crib is the perfect complement to the soft blue waves (that would otherwise terrify me!) Design by: Lazy Mom’s Blog
Ostrich?  Why not? Birds and botanicals are traditional choices for a space, so make it modern with a funky bird choice full of color. Paired with a modern molding pattern in a bold color choice breaks up the busy repeat of the wallpaper.  This funky spaces pairs perfectly with the farmhouse sink for a fresh spin on traditional and farmhouse.
Design by: Girl and Grey
Ahhhh, smell that?  Nope!  Because this room by 9Ten Design is free from toxic nasties.  No need for non-toxic to be boring!  Add texture to a space with a simple pattern that makes a statement and adds interest.  Paired with soft + neutral colors, this wallcovering doesn’t overpower the serenity of the space.  Who else wants to lay their head here? Images by: Sage Photography
Glam.  Vintage.  Hollywood Regency.  MCM.  Traditional.  Modern.  Stunning?  Yes.  Listen, I’m a boho meets Modern meets MCM kind of gal, but I think we can all agree this space by Paradigm Interiors has it all and knocks it out of the park.  The touches of golden metallic hues play off the gold in the wallpaper, adding sophistication to the space without being over the top.  The white vanity and mirror allow those peacocks to steal the show, as usual.  Images by: Hannah Glogower
Alright, I’ll admit it.  I sorta have a design crush on this gal.  (And I think she knows it.  Embarrassing? Maybe slightly, but really I’d just be flattered if I were her.  I mean, I’m not some crazy stalker.  I just follow her IG.  And we might be in a FB group or two together.  I promise, it’s not weird.  We are in the same biz!  Geez!)  Michelle Gage was a Featured Designer of ORC.  I have to say, most of those featured used the most amazing wallpaper, but Michelle manages to do it time and time again, so I have to give her some love (design love that is!). Especially because I am crushing so hard on this dinning room.  Choosing just one image to represent was extremely difficult.  Remember some of those tips I gave you above? 
Traditional botanicals in a funky modern print with bold color? Check.
Pair with molding to break up a busy pattern? Check.
Bringing nature inside? Check
Pairing with neutrals to let the wallpaper steal the show? Check
I mean, how could you now love this eclectic mix of old and new, traditional and modern?!

Well, that’s all for this round.  I hope you had a chance to check out the ORC Room reveals I highlighted here and gave them a little love.  You can leave me a little love too by hitting that follow button if I strike your fancy and I promise to keep you interested. Hm. Well, I can’t promise, but I promise to try.  How’s that? Have a safe time shopping and see you on the flip side.  (Next week. I’ll be back next week.)


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