One Room Challenge WEEK 6:

Tranquil Teen

Finished + Fin + Finito


Well, PHEW!  I just completed my first One Room Challenge and the space isn’t so blank, Baby.  While I am pleased with how the room turned out, more importantly, I cared what my son thought of his space.  Staying true to form, and just like his interview, Scott was a man-teen of few words.  In anticipation of some, I don’t know, smidgeon of a reaction, I recorded the reveal.  In underwhelming fashion, I got nothing.  I did get a smile and an, “its nice.”  And then the moment of truth: I found him lying on his bed at an oddly early hour and when I asked what he was up to, he responded with, “I like it in here.  It’s relaxing.”  BINGO!  I knew he liked it.  For the rest of the evening all I heard was how he wanted more houseplants.  SHEESH!  (Maybe he should have been an old woman.)

When designing the room, or any client’s room for that matter, it was very important to me that meaningful items were placed in the space.  Memories of exciting adventures, fun times, meaningful moments, or important people.  Really, anything that means something.  My son happens to be extremely nostalgic, so I did my best to incorporate his art, his pottery, and his travel artifacts.  Not going to lie…some editing happened…and then I will un-edit once photos wrap.

I will fully admit, I am not a photographer. I try.  But I’m not.  In any way, shape, or form, hence my meager social media.  Enjoy the amateur shots, but I really don’t think they do the space justice.  (Although, I am suprisingly impressed with what I actually managed.)  Check back regularly to see when the pro photos go up.  If you want a quick reminder what the before looked like, check out Week 1.  Then join me the next few Wednesdays as I break the fourth wall by admitting to some oopses, explaining why I used all Ikea furniture, talk happy accidents, and gush about gallery walls.


A BED 4_BLOG WMA ART 1_BLOG WMA DRESSER 1_BLOG WMA PLANTS 6_BLOG WMA CHAIR 5_BLOG WMA SHELF 3_BLOG WMA BED 7_BLOG WMA SHELF 7_BLOG WMA ORC 7_BLOG WMA CHAIR 4_BLOG WMA PLANTS 2_BLOG WMA SHELF 5_BLOG WMA PLANTS 10_BLOG WMA BED 5_BLOG WMThank you for following along with me on the One Room Challenge.  I sincerely hope you enjoyed the room and that I was able to inspire some creativity.  A special thank you to Linda and House Beautiful for giving us this amazing platform to share.  Check out the Featured Designers’ final reveals, then grab a cup of coffee or your favorite cocktail as you sift through the 200+ Guest Designers that also revealed their rooms this week! XO


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