One Room Challenge Week 6:

Beachy Boho

Finished + Fin + Finito


Phew!  I made.  By the skin of my teeth, but I made it. Bed out of the box, wallpaper up, and decor on the walls!  The duvet may be wrinkled and creased, but the pillow cases and top sheet did get a quick ironing.  I was on a time crunch my peeps! There were some last minute adds, and I mean last minute, as in I ran to the garage to dig through my box of styling tricks.  And yes, they are going back into my box of tricks.  The fact of the matter is: the bed will never get made like this again and actual textbooks need to go back on the shelf.  (My son’s throw pillows from Spring’s ORC permanently sit in his chair…Before we get started though, if you need to see those before pics, pop over to Week 1, scroll though, and come straight back!

The good, the bad, and the ugly of it all is that:

  1. I didn’t order enough wall paper, but my resourceful mother made it work. I knew we would be close and had crossed my fingers and toes, so while not the ideal scenario, it’s DONE!  And next time I won’t forget to calculate the repeat. OOPS!  (It was a rookie move.  I’ll admit it.)

  2. I had a lighting issue. Apparently, this room is located in the absolute worst spot ever for taking photos.  Now, I am not photographer, but I got lucky with my son’s room in that there is an abundance of natural lighting.  Not so much here.

  3. Did I mention I am NOT a photographer? With the time crunch, there was not time to hire a pro to come in, let alone the cost associated with doing so for just one tiny space.  So, I hope you enjoy my amateur shots!  (I am so thankful I invested in the iPhone I have.  Thank you, Apple, for portrait mode!  Honestly, the fool proof iPhone turned out better pictures than my Nikon!)

  4. The curtains.  The drapes.  Whatever you want to call them.  I guess I should have measured before grabbing them off the shelf…no time for custom and I always, I mean always forget how tall our ceilings are.  Once I get the energy again, I am going to add a decorative panel to the bottom for an extra punch in the space!

  5. The macramé. Ohhhhhh…the macramé…I am so proud of my follow through and creativity in tackling such a task. For me, this is big!  I learned that I love a new pastime and I can’t wait to start the next one.  But, the macramé…perhaps not a fully thought through plan when choosing to place it on such a busy wall.  The colors and sizes didn’t create the WOW I expected.  Next time?  Yes, there will be a next time, stick with natural and the large rope or chunky wool.

Oh, you want to hear some good?

Well, my son won’t leave the room…remember that jungle he wanted?  Well, this wallpaper does the trick for him apparently.  Guess who’s wallpapering again?  Yup, my mom.  You didn’t think it would be me, right?!

I love the unique items I found for the space.  My last minute trip to the Melrose Trading Post was a success! I picked up some mud cloth just in the nick of time (shhhhh!  It is just wrapped around that lumbar pillow!) which added just the right vibe.  I am super stoked on the mouthwatering Peruvian rug I snagged and totally dig the algae poster and “frame” I whipped up just this weekend.  And check out that hanging plant!  I’ve been eyeballing them for quite some time.

Mud cloth: Various vendors  |   Rug: Altiplanic Chic Deco   |Planter: Love Always, Velvet

And the verdict?  Well, she doesn’t hate it…in fact, I got a genuine, real life “wow” out of her!  Happy dance, happy dance!  I do have actual video evidence of the reaction, but I do want her to speak to me again.  I’ll have to keep that little gem for myself…or blackmail…

Ok, ok, here ya go.  What you (and I!) have been waiting for.

A ORC 2018_Bed 6

Bed: Ikea | Wallpaper: Cole & Sons | Wall color: Dew by AMF Safecoat

A ORC 2018_Bed 8 Close c

I have to throw a little Ikea love out there:

Hardware: Ikea Östernäs | Pendant light: Ikea Industriell | Basket: Ikea Snidad

A ORC 2018_Desk 4

Desk + Chair: Ikea Lillåsen + Snille | Mini vases: Target | Desk set: Poppin

Chair: Ikea Pello | Pouf: World Market | Pillow: Jaipur | Side table: Ikea Burvik

A ORC 2018_Dresser 1

Dresser: Ikea Hemnes | Mirror: Vintage

A ORC 2018_Macrame 3

A ORC 2018_Bedding 2

Duvet cover: Urban Outfitters | Linens: Target Organic Cotton Oeko-Tek Certified

A ORC 2018_Left Bed

A ORC 2018_R Bed

A ORC 2018_Left Bed 2

I sincerely hope you all enjoyed watching the progress as much as I did pulling it together and thank you for indulging me and following along!  Check back next week for fresh topics on wellness, eco-friendly design, trends I dig, and you know, other stuff!  While you anxiously await what I cook up, check out these amazing Featured Designer Room Reveals and Guest Participants who jammed alongside me to bring a beautiful space to fruition in just six weeks!


A HUGE shout out to One Room Challenge for giving us designers something fun to do and the media sponsor Better Homes & Gardens.

Brass + Bauble ORC sponsored by:

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