One Room Challenge WEEK 5:

Tranquil Teen

Tick + Tock


Time’s a ticking ladies and gents!  And I think I just might make it.  (Let’s be real, I did source all Ikea furniture, so I better have at least that done.)  The hardest part now is waiting.  I really want to have a big reveal for my son, so I have been waiting to put the finishing touches on the room until I have access to one or more of those handy, dandy guys I keep around, so they can help me hang some artwork and décor.  (Although I am totally capable, it’s hard when you’re short, so cut me some slack.)

So, here’s where I am at:

  • Paint (all walls, finally).  CHECK.

Pantone_Cloud Dancer PS

  • Wall treatment (officially nailed in and secure).  CHECK.
  • Crown molding.  CHECK. 


  • Shelves rehung (in THE only place they can go).  CHECK.


  • Furniture built (orrrr just put back into place).  CHECK.
  • Bedding (ok, ok, I bought it JUST before I knew I was doing ORC).  CHECK.
  • Choice of rugs.  CHECK.

Ikea_Rugs F

  • Selection of wall art (mostly from my son’s personal collection…wink, wink).  CHECK.

What’s left?

Well, our plant situation has grown considerably.  We just might have a jungle after all…

Plants 1

Guest DesignersStay tuned as I figure out how to incorporate the growing indoor plant collection in a tasteful manner and keep it masculine.  And I can’t wait to share THE REVEAL in just one week!  See how close the Featured and Guest Designers are to completion and catch up on the previous weeks before the reveal.


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2 thoughts on “One Room Challenge WEEK 5:

  1. Looks great! You son is a lucky guy. I am feeling inspired to do our teen boy’s room for the next ORC… I’m sure he will be so excited – hahahahaha!

    1. Thanks! I am shocked at how into it my son had gotten and it has given us some bonding time. I say do it! Give him a space he can enjoy while you still have him at home.

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