One Room Challenge WEEK 4:


Liar + Liar

A behind the scenes look at what’s really going down in this crib.


Well, they said this week would be the toughest.  Yup!  I have to admit-it’s all a façade.   Just like those darned HGTV shows.  Now, I’m not a liar.  If I were a liar, I would not be divulging my deepest, darkest secrets to you right now.  Eh, I guess these really aren’t the deepest darkest, but I’m still going to show you the real deal on what the progress looks like at this point.

Current state of affairs:

First off, I am about two weeks behind schedule.  In all my efforts to plan, I was realistic with myself and knew that I needed to start myself ahead of schedule, so that it would all even out in the end.  (Yes, I actually scheduled a Week 0.)  So, while I am behind, I still allowed enough of a cushion (pat on the back right there) so that I will still be done on time.  I don’t, however, like this feeling and was trying really, really hard to stay ahead.

By April 8th, the crown molding was supposed to go up…yeah…that is still in the works.  Thanks to that handy, dandy guy in my life, I don’t have to worry much about that.  He’s got it taken care of.  The biggest hang-up though?  Oh, I still haven’t finish painting.  Wahhhh!  You know that façade I mentioned?  Yeahhhhh…so, the awesome wood wall treatment you already saw a picture of?  It was taped up there; with really strong tape.  Yup, all fake.  I wish I had snapped a pic of the damage it did to the wall.  Good thing the planks were going right back in the same spot!  So down the planks came, I painted the walls necessary to hang them back up (in the EXACT same spots) and now I still have half a room left to paint.  Hey, life gets in the way!

Look close-The ONLY reason for crown molding: paint on the ceiling (thanks to Scott) and me not wanting to paint it.  Been there, done that.  But that’s another story.

By April 10th I was supposed to have purchased all the new furniture, décor, and have the artwork framed.  So yeah, that didn’t happen either.  I just got the artwork in for framing last week and bought all the furniture on Saturday.  It was a great call though (or dumb luck) because I scored coupons.  Hey, who doesn’t want to save a buck?!  Oh, and that included three trips to Ikea.  (Yes, Ikea.  Remember, this is a no judgement zone.  Stick around and I’ll tell you why I love the place.)

Just a few options.

By the beginning of this week I was supposed to have:

  • framed and hung wall art…
Hey, at least it’s laid out!
  • have all the plants planted (ok, I (Scott) got most of that one checked off the list!) Of course, being the perfectionist I am, I am asking that he re-plant some with a more aesthetic combination.  He is not very happy with me.
Not quite a jungle…yet.
  • create the workspace. Oh!  And that was supposed to be this week’s post.  Well, that didn’t happen!
As you can see, the shelving didn’t even make it down for me to paint behind.  And you can see where I decided I was done for the day, um, I mean week.

Anyhow, ONWARD AND UPWARD!  Looking forward to wrapping up the details this next week, getting the room glamour shot ready, and sharing the final reveal.  Just two quick weeks to go.  EEK!  Be sure to check out my fellow designers…how far behind are they?!


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