One Room Challenge WEEK 4:

Beachy Boho

Freaking + Out


Alright, I’m freaking out. Like FREAKING. OUT.  I can’t believe the challenge is near its end and I feel like I have hardly anything done.  I’ve always been quite the procrastinator, but it hasn’t been this bad since middle school!  This week I took a look at what I had done and what I had left and decided to knock out the little things I could do to make myself feel better.  (Still freaking out though!)

I have major, MAJOR things to get done.  Just like oh, paint, skim coat, prime, and HANG THE WALLPAPER!  AHHHH!  But not to worry, I’m on it.  It’s all either ordered and will be here this week or in my possession, so that is the first step.  I got this.

I have to give some credit where credit is due though.  Remember that not so helpful husband during the last challenge?  Well, he’s definitely stepped up this time around!  My handy dandy dad is off duty this round, but my mom is on call to step in once the wallpaper arrives.  Hey, it’s a family affair!  What I would do without a handy family, I don’t know.  Let’s check in on what has been accomplished:

BEDDING. check. 

ORC2018_Bedding ORC2018_Pillows.jpg

Now to decide which combo and how “max” I’m willing to go with my pillows.  With all my Design Wimp issues, (Yup.  I capitalized it.  I’m officially coining the term.)  I am fairly comfortable with pillow maximalism. I find it is the easiest and least scary way to incorporate color, texture, and pattern into a space.  I’m still on the hunt for some mud cloth, so we shall see…Now the question becomes, how many is too many?

BED.  check. 


Bed frame is in hand (as promised), headboard has been assembled and transformed into a macramé rod. Yes, the remainder of the bed is still in the box, but it is guaranteed to be up and running by reveal!

MACRAMÉ. half check.

It has officially been started!  As the crown jewels of the room, it is essential that this project gets completed. I have made good progress and have EVERY intent of having it finished.  I have actually found myself a new pastime, me thinks.  With the crazy that my life is having three teens and then some, I concluded that tying knots in a neat little pattern is quite cathartic.  It might be up there with assembling IKEA furniture for me…

LIGHTING. check.


Remember that hubby I mentioned?  Yup, he’s my lighting guy.  It kind of killed me to get rid of the lights already in her room since I loved them so, but again, that’s the beauty of IKEA, y’all!  Not too expensive to swap out to new pendants that vibe better in the space.

HARDWARE.  check.


It’s the little things. One less thing to do as I’m scrambling to finish!

PAINT. half check.

ORC2018_AFM Safecoat

Well, it’s here.

(Seriously though, I cannot wait to tell you how we picked her room color!  It’s kind freaking awesome.)

While you are waiting around for me to get things done before next week, follow my IG  and check out the progress of the Featured Designers and Guest Participants over at ORC.


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