One Room Challenge WEEK 3:

Tranquil Teen

Jungle + Fever


Week 3 and still going strong!  This week we’re getting into the details.  I decided to have a little fun with my son so that he had a hand in creating his own space and had something to look at that he could be proud of.  You see, he looooves plants.  If you didn’t know this, check out ORC Week 2.

His first business investment in succulents!  (I know my car was filthy.  Don’t judge.)

In designing his space, I really wanted to bring in greenery.  Good thing it was pretty much his only request!  I am telling you-he is a different kid when you get him out on a hike, in the garden, just outside in general. And, given that the theme here is Tranquil Teen, what better way to implement nature than to actually put nature in the space.  If you haven’t heard, plants, or nature in general has an abundance of health benefits and contributes to our overall wellbeing.  Need more proof?  I’ve got it for you here.

Crossand plants

Now, Scott has quite a collection on succulents that he has spent the last few years propagating and growing.  Yes, the kid gets new gloves and a bag of soil for Christmas every year.  It’s pretty freakin’ awesome if you ask me.  He also wants to jack pieces off succulents everywhere he goes and asks anyone he can when he sees something on their property that he likes.  But, rather than stealing succulents, we headed out to his garden.  We decided to switch it up a bit with some cacti, so we headed to the store for those.  (Oh yeah, he has a thing for pad cactuses too…)


Remember, I am working with a blank space, at the request of my child-client.  So, how am I going to incorporate some color and interest?  Well, I though finding some interesting pottery to plant his succulents, cacti, and pathos (lovingly given to him by the ladies who cut his hair, but like I said, jacked, nonetheless) in.  We had a few on hand from some “pottery” he had previously done in good ole’ ceramics class.  Hey, let’s put those pieces to good use!

(Maaaaaybe he had some help with that middle one…)

Out to the yard we went, set up shop on the gardening table (built by my daddy-o; told you I had access to some pretty handy guys!) and went to town.  We utilized what we had, but before the six weeks are up, we’re going to hit a flea market or two to see what other creative treasures we can find to bring this “jungle” to life.

Transplanting of said pathos.

Don’t forget to check out the Featured Designers and see what all the other Guest Designers are up to this week.  We are half way there and progress is being made!


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