One Room Challenge WEEK 3:


Minimalism + Maximalism


I am dubbing myself a Minimal Maximalist.  What am I talking about, you ask?  Here’s the deal.  I have dreams of creating a maximalist space à la Justina Blakeney + the Junglaow, but I am scared.  Real scared.  What if it is too much?  What if it doesn’t translate?  What if I just miss the mark completely?  And does it reflect who I am as a designer?  I wouldn’t say I’m a minimalist in any way, just more of a wimp.  A design wimp.  But I want to try.  I want to step out of my comfort zone.  This is a challenge, afer all!  So, this will be my baby step into maximalism.  And I am the only one who has to live with it (well, my daughter too, but apparently, she doesn’t care too much anyway: see design questionnaire.)  At least I won’t have an angry clients, so that’s a positive.

Now, how do I plan to implement said maximalism in a minimalist way?  Look on.

Maximalism: Bold Color

ORC2018_Bold Stripes.jpg
Wall: Yours Truly

I’m pretty sure no explanation is needed…

Minimalism: Neutral Bedding

UO Bedding
Bedding: Urban Outfitters

Boho bedding in neutral colors gives me less anxiety.  I can dig this.

Maximalism: Bold Pattern

C+S Palm Wallpaper
Wall covering: Lee Jofa at Kravet

I love teal.  Like, LOVE.  Anything in shades of teal and turquoise float my boat.  The white background and linear pattern vs. an all over banana leaf pattern (yes, I totally wimped out) give the space just enough wow without inciting a panic attack in me.

Minimalism: Simple Bed


Bed: Gjöra by Ikea

I’ve been dying to use a actual bed with some style in my home. Mine is just old and blah and both my sons have a wall treatment instead.  The simple lines and natural material make for an inconspicuous fixture that still makes a statement.

Maximalism: Texture + Pattern

Even if you are color shy, an array of prints + textures adds max interest.  This complimentary color pallate is a safe bet for me, but go bold if you dare and mix it up with color.  I just might surprise you here…wink, wink!

Minimalism + Maximalism:  Macramé

Beautifully knotted macrame and leaves by The Knot and Tile.

The scale and intricacy of a macramé or a woven wall hanging is definitely max.  Use of neutral, calming colors doesn’t overpower the details, which is the beauty of this type of handiwork.

I will be creating a macramé.  For my first time, ever.  (Eek!  I might be subconsciously manifesting a week-long stay at a “retreat” after these six weeks!  A girl can dream, right?).  And as bold and big as I am dreaming this macramé to be, I have chosen soft, neutral colors-just to keep safe.

Looking forward to seeing the progress?  So am I!  Next week see how the room is shaping up.  My non-toxic wallpaper supplies and paint are on the way and I’m due for an Ikea trip.  And the flea.  Hmm, I better get on it! While you wait around for next week’s goods, check out the Featured and Guest Designers are doing over at One Room Challenge.


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