One Room Challenge WEEK 2:


Client + Intake


I’m going to be honest. I went into this six week One Room Challenge with a semi-plan.  This week I sat down to blog and realized, hmmm, I should probably get on it and order some shiz!  I am determined to make every bit of these next six weeks a challenge, apparently.  Yes, I am actually creating this room in real time. Sooooo, you will either see me pull it off, or you will see me reveal a room with yellow and white striped walls and a new bed.  Obviously because the stripes were already there.  And you know me, I’ll always have time to pick something up at Ikea.  I take some of that back.  I guarantee the striped walls.  The bed may still be in the box…

In true client onboarding fashion, I sat down with my “client” and administered my Client Questionnaire. Ohhhh, wonderful, lovely, teenagers. Sigh.  Here is her extremely opinionated, overjoyed about getting a room redo, enthusiastic response. NOT

Me: What is your goal for the project?

Alexis: To have a nice room.  To have a decorated room.

In my head: Ummmm…what the heck do you think those dang yellow and white stripes are?! Not “nice,” apparently. (And yes, I might have used more pointed words in my head, but I am sparing you, my readers from the profanity that actually runs through my brain.)

Me: How would you describe the feel/style/look you would like to see in your room?

Alexis: Ummmmm, feel like home.  Feel comfortable.  Uhhhhh, anything you want.  I don’t care.

In my head: Cool?  Sweet.  Hmm.  Not sure what to say to that…

Me: Are there any specific patterns, colors, or textures that you are drawn to?  Any that you don’t like?

Alexis: Ummmm. Ehhhhh. I liiiiike…I don’t know what I like.  Comfy.  Soft. I don’t like old lady flowers, but I like flowers.  I like Hawaiian flowers.  I want a Hawaiian room.  What are Hawaiian flowers?  You know, those Hawaiian flowers.  Hibiscus?

In my head:                                   (Yes, that is a blank space.  Nothing. I’ve got nothing.)

Me: When will you be ready to begin the project?

Alexis: Right now.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Whenever you’re ready.

In my head: Gee, thanks.  You actually don’t have a choice.  I was just asking to be nice.

Me: Who else will be involved in the project and what is their role?

Alexis: You and me and whoever your helpers are.  If you have any helpers.

In my head:  BAHAHAHA! Yes, as a matter of fact I have a crew of tiny little mice that run around the house helping me all day.  They paint, they assemble Ikea furniture, and they place product orders.  At least you sound willing to be part of this process…

Me: What is your approximate budget for the project?

Alexis:  Giggles. How much would it cost?

In my head:  None of your business.  You’re spoiled and clueless anyway.  Note to self-she needs a job.

Me: Have you worked with a designer before?

Alexis: No.

Me: Really?!

In my head: Yup.  Clueless.

Now, here’s what I’m working with people.  Apparently I can do whatever I want, take as long as I want, and spend as much as I want.  Mind you, at one point in time there was more on the walls and it looked halfway decent.  After taking these pics, I realized just how pitiful her room currently is.  And yup, she didn’t fold her sheets or put her shoes away, but I’ll give it to her-the room is in much better authentic condition than my son’s was.

Check back next week to see how this whole challenge starts to pan out and what progress, if any, I’ve made…(FYI, orders have been placed.  I guarantee progress.)  And in the meantime, check out my Guest counterparts over at ORC and the Featured Designers for Fall 2018.



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