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Shhhh!  I’m going to tell you a secret.  Come closer.  Closer.  Ok, that’s good.  (Alright, admit it, who actually came closer?)  Here it is:  Designers. LOVE. Ikea.  I don’t care what anyone says, we all have a secret love affair with the place.  I actually plan trips around Ikea locations.  I enjoy putting Ikea pieces together and find it strangely cathartic.  Now let me be clear.  Is Ikea suitable for every client’s home, every space, and every style?  Absolutely not.  However, I love it for kids, small spaces, organizing, and for a quick refresh.

When starting the One Room Challenge I had to decide what I was going to keep and what I was going to ditch in my son’s room.  In the last couple years, I had already purchased him an Ikea dresser, nightstand, and shelving.  I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money and was on a six-week timeframe.  I needed quick, affordable, and easily accessible.  (Don’t let me fool you though-I visited a total of three Ikeas in order to collect everything I needed, strategically planned around trips to the area, and a rare coupon.  With a bit of shame and a giggle, I must admit that Scott sat at school with a stomach ache due to one planned trip that I refused to cut short.  Hey, he’s 17 and he knows better than to eat the school lunch!)  With Scott’s love of minimalism, the pieces were simple and understated for him, and quite frankly, he needed somewhere for his junk other than on the floor, under his bed, or shoved in the closet.  Now, I could go on and on and on about what I love at Ikea, but are so many blogs dedicated to the topic, I will try my hardest to stick to why I chose what I did for Scott’s room and share a few select pieces that only Ikea aficionados would know where they came from.

Raise your hand if you keep this in your car!

Alright, let’s be real.  Is a piece from Ikea ever going to be an heirloom?  Probably not.  Is it going to withstand the test of a toddler?  Eh, for some time, yes, but what really does?  Is it going to last my son through his teenage years and into his first apartment as a young adult?  Without a doubt.  The best part though?  When the bumps and bruises start to show, the stickers no longer peel off, and the fingerprints are now permanent, you don’t feel guilty about running down to the nearest Ikea and scoring something new!

I particularly like Ikea case goods for children’s rooms.  They are sturdy, great for organization, and can be easily customized.  The styles and finish selections differ enough to fit stylistically in almost any space from traditional to transitional to modern.

Switch out hardware for easy customization of the HEMNES series.
The detail! Check out those pulls for an updated look. From the new BJÖRKSNÄS collection.
Simple + understated + MALM series.

Ikea also fits in almost any space.  My problem?  I needed to replace a drafting table.  It took up too much room and wasn’t being used.  So, I moved the location of the desk to make room for a seating area, which left me with a whopping 33” to fit a desk.  Ikea to the rescue!  Another thing I love-Ikea comes in big and small.  Great for tight spaces and small apartments.  Have a larger space you need to fill?  Get the larger configuration.  Check out the MICKE series desk in three versions, but guess what?  There’s actually two more not pictured!


I didn’t need any additional storage in Scott’s room, but I couldn’t resist sharing.  Have you seen how all the cute little Ikea pieces fit together?!  Talk about organization heaven!  Ikea makes it so easy to organize an office, playroom, closet, you name it, and at an extremely affordable price.  And there isn’t just one option.  Switch out the doors and mix up the colors for a modern, traditional, feminine, or masculine look.  They make it so easy.  One of my faves is the KALLAX series; the options are seriously endless.


THE MARKETPLACE.  EEEEEEE!  I get so giddy when I head down those stairs that I can actually overlook the out-of-control autopilot swerve of the carts.  (Really, what is up with that Ikea?!)  A few of my all time favorite finds that no one will ever know came with an Ikea price tag.


  1. FRYKEN Box with lid, set of 3
  2. FULLTALIG Candlestick, set of 3
  3. TUVALIE Throw
  4. STILLHET Tealight holder
  5. STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven
  6. STOCKHOLM Mirror
  7. JOHANNE Cushion Cover
  8. SNIDAD Basket
  9. ALMALIE Throw
  10. IKORNNES Floor mirror

No, Ikea is not compensating me in any way, shape or form.  This is just pure, true love.  And aside from having great style and affordable product, they are a socially and environmentally conscious company.  Who doesn’t love that?!  See you next week when I finally get around to gallery walls.  I can’t wait to share the awesomeness I’ve found!

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