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Create a not-so-boring gallery wall.

Who else is chomping at the bit for the end of the school year?!  Aw, man, I can’t wait and this is it for me!  I’ve got one school year left that I am obligated to help with homework, fundraise, show up to meetings, watch sports, and pay for yearbooks.  Yesssss…the countdown is on!

And with that I’m sure you are thinking about all the things you are going to get done this summer with fewer commitments: no meetings, nightly homework, sports, or flat out having to cook every night.  (I fully admit that my cooking skills are less than spectacular all summer).

Well, gather up all those art projects you’ve been planning to do something with, those school portraits still in the envelope, get all the family portraits printed, and dig through your old boxes of posters and then head to your local flea (or Facebook Marketplace) for frames and let’s get going on that empty wall you keep staring at!

I loooove me a gallery wall. I don’t know what it is with gallery walls because I am admittedly terrible at choosing art and I’m not a huge fan of a family portrait wall.  Sorry, not sorry.  BUT, I love incorporating meaningful pieces in a fun, cheeky, playful way to add interest and color to a room.  I believe art should be personal, reflect personality, and put a smile on your face.  This could be anything from personal artwork to posters from your childhood to flea market finds.  It could be family portraits or silly family photos.  Really, whatever you want to look at every day.

My son took years of art classes as a way to express himself and have some creative freedom.  It was his release and just plain made him happy. So, for Scott’s room I sifted through of artwork and chose pieces that worked in the room to add color and pieces that had some significance to us.  It doesn’t really matter if anyone else like them or gets them.  We do and that is what is most important.


I also love to incorporate different frames.  Different styles, different colors, different sizes.  It adds interest to the space and makes the whole wall a work of art instead of just each piece.  And you can find frames super cheap!  Look at yard sales, estate sales, and flea markets.  And they don’t have to be empty.  Just be sure you don’t chuck a valuable piece of art!

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“Mirror, mirror, on the wall.”  Check out this gallery wall from Hood Creek Log Cabin.
Love this eclectic mix from Little Green Notebook.
Make it a 3-D Gallery by adding sculptural pieces on the wall or incorporate shelving.

I tend to follow a linear pattern.  I like my gallery walls to be neat and tidy and all squared up.  Frames line up on the sides and the top and bottom and are spaced evenly in between.  That’s just me.  (It’s what I do.  I need order.)

Check out these great tips on creating your own gallery wall from Making Nice in the Midwest.


Creating a line of sight brings order and a modern feel to this space designed by Rubie Soho.
Project Nursery-COCO-ROCHA.jpg
Colorful graphics paired with pattern make this wall stand out in Coco Rocha’s nursery.

But they don’t have to be.  Check out these off-kilter gallery walls that look just as awesome as the others!

What’s there not to love in this space styled by Moniek Visser?!  (I even spy some Ikea love.)
An organized chaos by Workshop APD.
Color consistency brings this mix of shapes and sizes together in a cohesive focal point by Style Me Pretty.

Have too much awesomeness to decide what to use and what to ditch?  Making a statement is all the rage!

I dig it.  Swap out last year’s school pics and projects by layering on the new.  Designer India Hicks’s Chic Bahamas Home


Stairwells are the latest and greatest spaces in a home to make a bold gallery statement.  This twist on a traditional space by Danielle Berger.
Julia-Leach-by JenniKayne
I like blank spaces, Baby.  Fill it with art!  Designer Julia Leach’s Venice digs.

Now get to work gathering your goods and calendaring your weekend frame hunting.  I hope you squeeze a vacay and some fun in there somewhere.  Cheers to the start of summer!

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