Hey there, I’m Jen!

Welcome!  If you are here, you have found Brass + Bauble.  You’ve also found me.  I’m Jen.  Mom. Wife. Designer. Dreamer. Doer. I have a serious reality TV addiction and try as I might to kick the coffee habit, it’s not happening.  #thestruggleisreal I hope to spend a lot of time with you here, so let me introduce myself.  I am a So Cal girl through and through and can’t imagine ever leaving.  Shockingly, I don’t care much for the beach.  But don’t tell anyone.  I’m pretty sure you can’t say that out loud in California. So that I’m not mysterious and obscure like an annoying Facebook post, here’s the nitty gritty of my life. I have teenage twin boys and a teenage stepdaughter.  Yup, you read right. THREE teenagers-just a mere six months apart and on their way out the door all at the same time.  I’m counting down the days and Mama’s gonna PAR-TAY! (…like its 1999…sorry, I

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