One Room Challenge WEEK 2:

Tranquil Teen

Wall + Wood


Yup, I’m back!  Phew, I did it.  Listen, I fully admitted to needing help being kept accountable.  This One Room Challenge just might be the trick!  I’m not going to lie though, I’m really nervous about being done on time.  I started a week ahead and now I feel like I’m a week behind.  It was Spring Break in my house…I couldn’t help myself; I deserve a break from school too!  (I also got the kids out of the house on a trip for a few days, so I took full advantage.  What can I say, I’m an opportunist.)

I did get a chance to consult with my client, however, before he took off.  Quite possibly not my typical client consultation, but an important part of the process none the less.

Q:  What color do you want your room to be?

A:  White

Q:  Just white?  You don’t want any other color in there?  How about grey at least.

A:  No.  Just white.  I like it the way it is.

Q:  Well, I’m doing something to it anyway.  What do you want to see in your room?

A:  I was thinking it would look nice with some plants.

Q:  I agree; I was thinking I would put some plants in there for you.  Which pictures do you like?

A:  This one.  I want it like a jungle.

The Jungle
Check out this awesome shop in Amsterdam!

Q:  Of course you do.  That’s not happening.  Anything else you have to have?

A:  No.

Well, I think that went well.

Ok, so what to do with the white walls…and he wants a jungle.  Well, the answer seemed pretty clear to me.  Wood doesn’t count as color, right?  So, I set out to make wood work in this room and make a bold statement in a modern application.  I would have loved to make it easy by finding a headboard that would have done the job, but no, why would I do something the easy way?!  Plus, I really just couldn’t find anything and I knew I wouldn’t find anything close to what my brain was cooking up.

Scott's Room Render
You get the idea…I can’t give away all the goods!

Now, I’m a pretty luck gal.  I’ve got some handy men hanging around me that I can get to do stuff for me.  I started out by explaining to my husband what I wanted to do and the timeline it needed to be done in, well before I planned to start.  As the start date approached, I quickly realized I need to enact Plan B (which should have always been Plan A, but I thought I’d through the hubby a bone.)  So, I get my pops on the phone.  He’s retired, so I figure he needs something to do.  I also know he’d put up with my particular-ness, be patient, and is support of my marriage lasting.


Off to the hardware store we went to carefully select planks that had interesting, yet cohesive grain and a variation in color that I’d be able to make cohesive as well.  We set out on a Saturday afternoon to begin the project because of course I decide to skip town for a couple days right in the middle of this all.  With a preliminary plan, my dad patiently cut each piece to length for me while I carefully plotted the layout and made him hold pieces on the wall while I stared and decided.  Again and again. And again.  (Hence the reason why my husband participating in this project was a BAD idea.)

Wall Treatment

I’m down with the progress so far.  What do you think?

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